Honzovy šachy for Android

Honzovy šachy for Android is a simple chess program for Android. Current version is 0.1.3, it is an early beta but it works. You can play against computer, switch the sides, start a new game and flip the board, setup board, save game as PGN. The AI should defeat chess beginners. There is a big TODO list:

If you have a java applet plug-in in you browser, you can play here with Honzovy šachy. Click on the board and move with keyboard arrows and enter:

Sorry, you do not have a java plugin.

You can download the binary package (Android *.apk file) or browse the source or download src.tar.gz on the project subversion page or see the main project page on sf.net.

How to help the project

I write the code in my free time and not for money. If you find the project useful and want to motivate me to the work, you can help me in many ways.

  1. Write me a comment into the Open discussion forum. No registration needed. Every comment is wellcommed. Bug report, feature request, ... Write English, Czech, Slovak (or another Slavic language but in this case I will answer in Czech) or German.
  2. Donate some money.
  3. Translate it into another language.
  4. If you find a bug, please submit it into my sf.net tracker.


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Honza's Chess on Youtube:

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